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April 24, 2018

Now you can easily identify your stainless steel surgical instruments practically at a glance with the revolutionary FARBTEK™ identification system that is safe, biocompatible and visually appealing.

The FARBTEK™ identification system is the industry's state-of-the-art ID system, now being utilized by thousands of medical professionals.

As pioneers in the medical industry, our proprietary method utilizes color anodizing, permanent color plugs, laser engraving and Data-Matrix bar coding to uniquely personalize and quickly identify surgical instruments and other items integral to your practice. Many application options are available.

Make a personalized identity statement by adding color accents to your surgical instruments.

The FARBTEK™ ID system, developed in Germany, is safe, permanent* and colorful.

Introducing Another Breakthrough Product Line

quickcoating – the new way of powdercoating! In contrast to common powder-coating systems, suctions, filters or compressed air are not required. The only thing you need are a curing over and a standard electrical outlet! The quickcoating uses a technically unique powdercoating process. Click For More


FarbTek and Device Technologies/Taylor Surgical form partnership to provide Instrument Identification in Australia and New Zealand. Device Technologies is a major supplier of leading edge medical equipment and consumables to hospitals and healthcare professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. Now Australian & New Zealand hospitals will have the ability to receive the world’s most advanced and safest instrument identification. For more information please visit:

www.device.com.au or www.taylorsurgical.com.au

Featured FARBTEK™ ID system videos.

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Spotlight Articles

Read about many FARBTEK™ ID applications

  • SPA 1

    The nation's innovative forerunner, serving the medical industry.

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  • SPA 2
    FARBTEK™ - for medical professionals

    Color ID mark surgical instruments & medical equipment with FARBTEK™.

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  • SPA 3
    FARBTEK™ - Refurbishing and Electro-polishing

    Don't discard or replace your old surgical instruments – refurbish them.

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  • SPA 4
    FARBTEK™ - for Home Design

    Add that touch of color elegance with FARBTEK™

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  • SPA 5
    FARBTEK™ - for flatware

    Custom colorize & laser engrave flatware, and more.

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  • SPA 6
    FARBTEK™ - for Aviation

    Breakthrough technology for the aviation industry.

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  • SPA 7
    FARBTEK™ - for Military

    Color anodizing method for military applications.

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