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At FARBTEKâ„¢ (a subsidiary of Medical Optics, Inc.) we are solution oriented, and proudly apply our technical and industry knowledge to every aspect of our business operations. We take the commitment to serving our clients' needs very seriously. The solid platform upon which our company operates enabled us to recognize and address what the medical industry needed, and to develop innovative state of the art solutions. We take great pride in our ability to consistently deliver unparalleled quality products – and do so, worldwide.



We're dedicated to providing superior value for service not only because we wouldn't have it any other way, but because our customers expect the best.

It's our commitment to excellence that drives us to continually operate as a well-trusted entity in the medical industry, and have segued to other fields. Maintaining the same sterling reputation that is as well respected as that of our affiliated company, Medical Optics, remains a key component to our core of operations. This collaborative relationship is exemplified throughout every aspect of our business.

Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward: to steer a strong course, to develop innovative solutions that meet industry demands, and to serve our customers honestly, fairly, and with integrity. At FARBTEKâ„¢ we continue to maintain this full circle of excellence in everything we do.

Our Vision

Our vision is crystal clear: through delivery of outstanding service, our pinpointed focus is to maintain responsible operations. Our dedication to building strong customer relationships never alters us from this course. Though our primary business began by serving the medical industry, our keen awareness and vision enabled us to cross over to offer our superior line of products and services to other industries.

Performance with Purpose:

Every FARBTEKâ„¢ employee is committed to achieving excellence accompanied by innovation, and to delivering leading-edge technology solutions. Our business and industry successes leave our worldwide customers with a positive imprint about FARBTEKâ„¢, because they trust that we deliver what we call Performance with Purpose.

We're driven by how our customers value our services and products. The approach we take to perform and deliver superior products and to offer well-formulated advisements is unwavering. Our purpose is based upon an agenda to find solutions to what the medical and other industries needed, and our company is comprised of knowledgeable personnel that fulfill those requirements.


We uphold our commitment to you with four guiding principles:


Care for our Customers.

We care for our clients, and always strive to deliver superior customer service. The medical industry is subject to intense technology demands and compliance protocols, which is why we remain on top of key issues for the medical and other industries. Our team of highly skilled professionals is solution-oriented, so we go the extra mile to show we care.

Deliver our Services, with Pride.

We know our customers rely upon nothing short of a vendor's impeccable reputation and high standards. That's why the services we provide and our competent technicians ensure to you that we adhere to industry protocols - from the moment we receive an order to when it is delivered to our customer's hands.

Be Accurate and Forthright.

Our customers know that we provide a balance of innovation, accuracy, responsibility – and honesty. They rely upon it. We clearly communicate with you in a timely and understandable fashion to keep you informed, and take great pride in our line of innovative products, services and our impeccable reputation.

Respectfully Maintain Working Relationships.

By working with our customers as partners ensures that our solutions are relevant to our customers both now, and in the future. We establish longstanding alliances that adhere to the tenets of mutual respect, inside and outside our company. Our highly skilled technicians collaborate as a dynamic team. With a company foundation built on recognizing the importance of individual excellence, the result is outstanding and reliable products and service.

To learn more about FARBTEK's parent company – Medical Optics, Inc. – and its outstanding medical equipment repair and refurbishing services, please click on this link:www.medicaloptics.com

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