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Farbtek Innovation Service's

FARBTEK™– Medical Optics' innovative method, serving the medical industry.

Our state-of-the-art ID & refurbishing system is trusted by thousands of medical professionals.


As the nation's forerunner in the field of surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs and refurbishing, Medical Optics (the parent company of the revolutionary FARBTEK™ identification system) recognized that medical professionals had additional needs to follow safe and stringent protocols integral to their organizations and practices.

As the exclusive source for FARBTEK™, Medical Optics answered the industry's call, and now FARBTEK™ delivers many solutions to thousands of clients nationwide.

Surpassing outdated methods to ID mark stainless steel medical equipment and surgical instruments were previously a challenge, because old methods typically crack, chip, peel and wear down with regular use. Being able to quickly differentiate and identify older, discolored surgical instruments is difficult, and can slow down your procedures' efficiency.

Now you can easily identify stainless steel surgical instruments and other medical equipment practically at a glance with the revolutionary FARBTEK™ identification system. It is safe, biocompatible, completely personalized and visually appealing.

The innovative FARBTEK™ identification system uses no glues, adhesives or chemicals. This state-of-the-art ID system is available exclusively from Medical Optics, and can be applied to virtually any stainless steel instrument – and more.

Because of its great success and customer satisfaction, Medical Optics® exclusive FARBTEK™ colorizing and ID marking system has also crossed over to other industries. The applications are virtually endless.

FARBTEK™ offers you a wide variety of options and applications.

The FARBTEK™ color plug ID system applied to stainless steel medical equipment is a superior identification solution – and the process we employ is permanent. When your instruments and equipment are uniquely identifiable by color-marking them via the FARBTEK™ ID system, there's no mistaking to whom or where they belong. The options to permanently embed a logo, names and other uniquely identifiable symbols or text with the FARBTEK™ liquid ID system are practical and affordable. And, by permanently embedding a Data Matrix barcode into any medical equipment item, you increase safety and efficiency – and can literally save thousands of dollars.

To quickly identify, track and inventory surgical instruments and other items that keep your practice and procedures up and running at peak performance levels, the FARBTEK™ method is unsurpassed

Uniquely personalize surgical instruments and medical equipment in a wide variety of manners, and choose from many different options and color combinations.

And, you can refurbish your old instruments to sparkling new condition.

The FARBTEK™ electro-polishing process brings new life back in to your old, surgical instruments. Our refurbishing process is the most trusted and advanced method available – and the application of electro-polishing also protects against corrosion. The results speak for themselves. Save thousands by refurbishing old instruments with FARBTEK™, instead of replacing them.

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com or click on the photo of the robot shown at right.

FARBTEK™ ID System – Anodize Many Other Stainless Steel Items

Not limited to just the medical industry, FARBTEK™ crosses over to other applications


Colorful Home Design & Decorative Accents

Colorized stainless steel fixtures & fittings add elegance to any home's decor. The FARBTEK™ color- anodizing method can be applied to stainless steel kitchen and bathroom fixtures, hardware, door handles, logo identity plaques and much more. Make a unique design statement with your own personalized color, from subtle to bold.

Accent Tableware and Flatware – Hotels, Restaurants & Clubs

Colorizing stainless steel flatware and serving pieces adds an element of complete ambiance to the overall ambiance set forth at your hotel, restaurant or club. The FARBTEK™ color anodizing method can be applied to stainless steel flatware, serving pieces and other accessories. Match colors to your linens and decor – and for special events, banquets and weddings you can offer a unique design statement for guests.

Elegant Accents for Aircraft & Aviation Components

FARBTEK™ allows you to make a unique personal or corporate statement by accenting your aircraft's stainless steel fittings with our color anodizing process. Applicable to interiors, on-board items, and exterior components – our custom-color anodizing system allows you to match your personalized color scheme throughout an aircraft, large or small.

Colorful Design Accents for Yachts

Customize a vessel's interior & exterior stainless steel fittings & hardware with the FARBTEK™ anodized colorizing system. The ultimate yacht's design accent – your "identity color"ť can be applied to grab rails, deck plates, galley and stateroom fittings, and items or components in the engine room. Carry color throughout your entire vessel with FARBTEK™.

Accent With Color – Military Applications

FARBTEK™ provides 5-star performance with our revolutionary anodized color ID process. Custom colorize and ID mark stainless steel hardware, equipment, fittings and more. At Medical Optics we provide many options, and our service is "top command".

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com or click on the photo of the robot shown at right.

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