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Farbtek Medical Equipment Service's

FARBTEK™– Surgical instruments and medical equipment.

The revolutionary ID system utilized by thousands of medical professionals.


Addressing an age-old problem:

Old powder coating and taping techniques have been used for decades to color identify stainless steel surgical instruments and medical equipment. Having become outdated, these passé methods have become challenging. Medical professionals must safely maintain their surgical instruments. Because old color marking methods typically crack, chip, peel and wear down with regular use, the medical industry needed a viable solution to this problem.

The FARBTEK™ solution is being used by thousands of medical professionals.

You can now rely upon our proprietary FARBTEK™ method, that allows you to easily identify stainless steel surgical instruments and other medical equipment practically at a glance with the our revolutionary identification system that is safe, biocompatible and visually appealing.

Uniquely personalize your surgical instruments in a wide variety of manners, and choose from many different options, color combinations. The revolutionary FARBTEK™ identification system:

  • Surpasses 4,000 cycles of Autoclave testing
  • Uses no glues, adhesives or chemicals
  • Will not fade, peel, crack or chip
  • Enables you to easily ID instruments and equipment
  • Does not interfere with the intended feel of the instrument
  • Is bio-compatible

The FARBTEK™ identification system can literally save you thousands of dollars – and utilizes no glues, adhesives or chemicals. This state of the art ID system is available exclusively from Medical Optics, and can be applied to virtually any stainless steel instrument or piece of medical equipment.

The applications and color choices offered by the FARBTEK™ ID system are virtually endless.

Color plug ID – A Variety of Combinations:

The FARBTEK™ color plug ID system applies one or more plugs to stainless steel medical equipment. It is a superior identification solution – the application is permanent. Choose from a variety of color combinations to readily identify your medical equipment and surgical instruments.

Liquid ID Color Bands & Laser Engraving:

When your surgical instruments and medical equipment are uniquely identifiable with a personalized color-band laser engraving, there's no mistaking to whom or where they belong. The options to permanently embed a logo, names, custom shapes and other uniquely identifiable markings with the FARBTEK™ liquid ID system are practical, and affordable.

Barcode ID – Laser Engraved:

To quickly identify and track surgical instruments and other items integral to your practice, the FARBTEK™ method is unsurpassed. By permanently embedding a Data Matrix barcode in any medical equipment item, you increase safety and efficiency – and can literally save thousands of dollars.

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com or click on the photo of the robot shown at right.

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