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Farbtek Electro-polishing Service's

FARBTEK™– Electro-polishing and Refurbishing.

Don't discard or replace your old surgical instruments – refurbish them.


Surgical instruments show signs of wear and become unsightly.

With years of use during procedures, and exposure to the rigors of multiple autoclave sterilizations, your surgical instruments and medical equipment can end up looking "tired", and cease to function with the precision you require. Because they are costly, we recognized that the medical industry needed a viable alternative to just replacing the old instruments and equipment that are integral to your practice. Now, you can refurbish them for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Restore your old surgical instruments to new condition!

The FARBTEK™ electro-polishing instrument restoration system is the most trusted and advanced method available, and employs the industry's most revolutionary technology. It is – bar none – the most advanced electro-polishing and restoration method in the world.

The results are remarkable.

We take your aging or over-used instruments, and restore them via the FARBTEK™ state of the art electro-polishing process to bring them back to near mint condition and full functionality. Your surgical instruments and medical equipment will arrive back in your hands sparkling, and fully functional. The results speak for themselves.

We electro-polish and fully service them so they look and operate like new. When we apply the electro-polish coating that bonds to the metal through a specially developed process, your newly refurbished instruments are protected to a near impervious level that effectively resists corrosion.

And – the benefits of restoring instead of replacing can save you thousands.

Many options are available, and all processes are impervious to autoclave and other instrument use & care rigors.

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com or click on the photo of the robot shown at right.

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