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Farbtek Home Design Service's


Custom-colorize stainless steel fixtures and more.


Home Designers & Builders Welcome Innovation For Their Clientele

The basics of a well-appointed residence are elementary to a professional home builder or designer. Proper placement of structural aspects – along with accentuating color, style and balance – are all a part of 'the general package'.

But when it comes to adding a truly personalized touch, builders, designers and decorators may be unaware of the world's newest breakthrough in technology that can add color to stainless steel fixtures and more throughout their clients' homes.

FARBTEK™ – For Completely Unique Home Accents

Colorized stainless steel fixtures & fittings add an unequalled element of customized elegance to any residence's decor. The FARBTEK™ color anodizing system can be applied to stainless steel kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinetry hardware and fittings, door handles, tableware, mouldings, and much more. Now you can make a unique design statement with personalized colorizing in your client's home, or your own residence.

Decorative Color-Accent Selections Are Limited Only To Your Imagination

With the FARBTEK™ color-anodizing system, the possibilities to accentuate one's decor can be virtually endless. Colorize stainless steel flatware and serving pieces to add an element of customized elegance to the overall presentation you set forth when entertaining guests. Imagine the impression that will be made when your faucets, hardware and fittings complement every room's color scheme. Match colors to your furnishings, linens and decor. With FARBTEK™, you can make a unique and colorful design statement in the home – with flair.

Color choices for the home offered by the FARBTEK™ anodized colorization method are virtually endless.

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