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Farbtek Aviation Service's

FARBTEK™– Anodized accents for the aviation industry.

Accentuate stainless steel parts, components & other items with color.



Any aircraft's stainless steel parts & components can match and complement your aircraft's overall color scheme – adding a touch of truly customized elegance.

Colorize on-board interior items, instruments, exterior parts and components with the state of the art FARBTEK™ color anodizing system. This breakthrough technology – developed in Germany, and available exclusively from Medical Optics – allows you to make a truly dramatic and visually appealing statement on the runway and in the air with customized personalization and color.

Color Anodizing with FARBTEK™

Privately owned planes, helicopters and corporate jets – your aircraft's overall presentation says a lot about who you are, and the successes you've accomplished. Utilizing custom color accents completes the entire picture and ambiance that you are setting forth. You can also color match stainless steel "on-board" items (such as flatware and serving pieces) to any aircraft's overall color scheme and decor.

Unique color & style – accomplish "the look" with FARBTEK™.

Stainless steel items, parts and components can be colorized via the FARBTEK™ anodizing process. And with FARBTEK™ you can also have stainless items laser engraved with your monogram, company name or corporate logo. The possibilities are virtually endless to accentuate your aircraft's decor.

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