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The new way of powdercoating

FarbTek Quickcoating FarbTek Quickcoating FarbTek Quickcoating

quickcoatingTM – the new way of powdercoating! In contrast to common powder-coating systems, suctions, filters or compressed air are not required. The only thing you need are a curing over and a standard electrical outlet! The quickcoating uses a technically unique powdercoating process. It is fast, saves energy and reduces your powderloss to nearly zero. The clean and virtually noiseless quickcoating process demonstrates a high repetition accuracy and reproducibility. The low investment costs guarantee a fast amortization.


This pressureless system based on the principle of electrostatic charge of the coating powder. However, unlike the corona charging, the dense cloud of charged powder is located in a dust-proof process chamber. It works with all types of powders. The result of the computer controlled 10-20 s process is an entirely and evenly coated surface in high quality.


quickcoatingTM can be used for all types of small parts, insulation coatings of medical HF-instruments, electric stators and rotors, insulator, winding bodies, ferrite cores, conductor rails, technical coatings with Teflon, Halar, ceramics or talc and it is also applicable for food and medical coatings.

The quickcoatingTM machines are engineered and made in Germany by quickcoating™. quickcoating™ has an over 25-year experience in the field of compressed-air-free powder coating systems.


FÄRBTEK is proud to partner with quickcoatingTM and be the exclusive USA distributor for all quickcoatingTM products.

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