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flatware design

Customize stainless steel flatware and more with color and laser engraving.

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Make a Dramatic Presentation at the Table with Color


At FARBTEK™, we consistently forge a path in to the future by providing our customers with innovative products and service offerings.

We realized that restaurants, hotels, clubs and meeting venue event planners wanted customized options to offer to patrons and guests, who expect the best of everything. Particularly when planning weddings, banquets, conferences and special events, each little detail must be taken in to consideration. The best testimonial you can receive afterwards is when you know that every guest and attendee has experienced a truly personalized and memorable event.

The FARBTEK™ color anodizing method can be applied to practically any stainless steel item or accessory.

FARBTEK™ Colorized Tableware Makes An Elegant Statement

Stainless steel flatware and serving pieces can be uniquely colorized with the FARBTEK™ anodizing process. Our proprietary method bonds color to stainless steel.

We can further personalize flatware, serving and table accent pieces, plate chargers, napkin rings, barware and more with a permanent imprint, such as your logo or venue's name, via the FARBTEK™ liquid and laser engraving processes.

Match stainless steel items to your overall decor, and even set a color-matched ambiance during festive holiday events. Your venue's well-appointed table and other customized accents by utilizing custom color anodizing complements the ultimate and elegant presentation.

From the dining room, to room service, to the Board room – with FARBTEK™ you can add a completely unique and personalized touch with color.

Developed in Germany, the FARBTEK™ system is a state of the art breakthrough in color anodizing technology – offered exclusively by our parent company, Medical Optics, Inc.

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com

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