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Anodized color accents throughout the home make an elegant design statement.

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Homeowners & Designers Seek Innovation - Using Color


A residence that is well appointed with unique, customized design accents throughout speaks volumes about a home, and its owner. From subtle to dramatic design aspects and the overall ambiance – down to even the smallest detail – presentation is everything.

At FARBTEK™, we recognized that builders, designers and decorators were unaware of the world's newest breakthrough in technology that can add anodized color to stainless steel fixtures and more throughout their clients' homes. The tasteful addition of color in what were formerly "unexpected" locations are now no longer a challenge to accomplish.

Completely Unique Home Accents

Colorized stainless steel fixtures & fittings add an unequalled element of customized elegance to any residence's decor. With the FARBTEK™ color anodizing system, the possibilities to accentuate a home's decor can be virtually endless.

Color can be applied to stainless steel kitchen and bathroom fixtures, cabinetry hardware and fittings, door handles, tableware, mouldings, and much more. And, you can custom colorize and laser engrave stainless steel flatware and serving pieces to add an element of elegance to the overall presentation you set forth when entertaining guests at your table.

The FARBTEK™ anodizing process bonds color to stainless steel, making your home's design accents tastefully stand out from the norm.

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