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FARBTEK™ the state-of-the-art ID marking method, offered exclusively by Medical Optics®.

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Anodized Color for Military Applications

Colorize stainless steel equipment, parts, fittings and more.


The application of old powder coating techniques typically used to identify and colorize stainless steel equipment, parts and components can crack, chip and peel. This can make quickly differentiating or identifying equipment difficult – slowing down your efficiency.

FARBTEK™ – A "5-star" Color ID Process

Colorize and ID mark stainless steel military hardware, fittings, equipment and more. Superior performance, highly durable and heat resistant.

Accenting stainless steel parts, components and other equipment by color anodizing them can increase efficiency – and even safety. Utilizing our revolutionary color ID method can also facilitate a more rapid identification and inventory tracking system of your personnel's equipment.

From training or on-base equipment, to firearms' components and other stainless steel equipment used in the field, colorizing entire items or just selected components and parts can keep your missions forging ahead. Many color options are available.

Recognizing that stainless steel equipment, fittings and components may also need to meet special field operations' needs, gradient color combinations can be applied on items or parts to match a specific destination's purpose – on land, in the air, or at sea.

You can also have stainless steel items laser engraved with specific ID markings such as platoon or unit identifiers, insignias, and even the American flag.

Accomplish "top command" with FARBTEK™

Developed in Germany, the FARBTEK™ system is a state of the art breakthrough in color anodizing technology – offered exclusively by our parent company, Medical Optics, Inc.

To learn more about the world's most advanced surgical instruments and medical equipment repairs available, please visit the Medical Optics® website: www.MedicalOptics.com

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