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Throughout your vessel, color anodized stainless steel adds a finishing touch.

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Anodized Color Accents for Yachts

Colorize stainless steel parts, fittings, equipment and more.


The FARBTEK™ color anodizing method provides yacht designers and owners with many options to present an elegant color statement aboard.

Carry color throughout an entire vessel with FARBTEK™.

Customize a vessel's interior and exterior with our revolutionary anodized colorizing system. Accentuate your unique color scheme by anodizing stainless steel fittings, grab rails, deck plates, galley and stateroom fittings, hardware and other accessories – adding a stately, finishing touch to your vessel's overall identity statement. You can carry custom color throughout the entire vessel – even to equipment and components in the engine room – with FARBTEK™.

FARBTEK™ color anodizing also allows you to color match stainless steel "on-board" items (such as flatware, plate chargers, serving pieces and more) to complement your decor. Stainless steel items – such as tools and other equipment – can also be laser engraved with your monogram, corporate logo, house flag or company name.

Developed in Germany, the FARBTEK™ system is a state of the art breakthrough in color anodizing technology – offered exclusively by our parent company, Medical Optics, Inc.

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